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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Linsley is an equine behavior specialist with extensive experience in rehabilitating the "untrainable" horses. As the former Head Trainer of the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, Stephanie has helped hundreds of Mustangs find positive futures. Over the years, Stephanie has developed a horse training program based on compassionate leadership, clear communication, and developing the connection between horse and human. She has developed an instructional program designed to finally make sense and to nurture the passion within us all. 

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As a horse trainer, I am a "generalist"...
 - Why?? - 

Because with a partnership developed with willingness, softness, understanding, and balance, you and your horse can be successful in ANY discipline. 

No matter if your goals lie in the show pen (English or Western), working ranch, weekend trail rides, or even at liberty... a balanced foundation and an understanding of the psychology of the horse WILL help you achieve them.

Stephanie has successfully competed in Eventing, Ranch Riding, Sorting, Reining, Polocrosse, Freestyle, and Australian Disciplines. She also has spent a fair share of time on working cattle ranches, trail riding through the mountains, and performing with her horse at liberty and bridleless! Stephanie has developed horses of all types including Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, Australian Stock Horses, Drafts, Ponies, and more! She has even had the pleasure of training other equines like burros, mules, and even a zorse!

When learning from Stephanie, you're getting the result of years of experience mastering the art of communication across breeds, disciplines, and history. 


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Start your equine partnership off on the right foot by purchasing a horse that has been developed by Stephanie to be balanced, willing, and well-rounded. Get help selecting the perfect partner for your goals!


What our clients and students have to say...

"Things I never thought possible."

I have grown up with horses and have always thought I knew a lot about horses. But I sought out Stephanie's services as I'm not athletic enough to start my own colts anymore. The first time I saw Stephanie work I learned how much I didn't know. After 50 years being raised with horses, this young woman was showing me things I never thought possible. She is humble, helpful, and knowledgeable far beyond her years. A true horse whisperer. She now starts all my colts and is the only trainer I trust to handle my horses.

Randy L.

"A positive experience for every horse."

Stephanie has a true natural talent as well as a passion for horses. Her varied natural horsemanship background as well as her education lends itself to a positive experience for every horse. My horses are my most prized possessions and I wouldn't hesitate to leave them with her for any training! And she truly is a nice caring person that can teach & inspire!

Angela B.

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